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HYB's Hot Barre Blast classes take your Barre workout to the next level by adding a level of intensity that most Barre classes don't offer. Our classes aren't your average Barre classes and our training isn't either! Join us to learn how to perfect your Barre technique and lead your students on a journey of fitness and fun by integrating elements of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, and functional fitness training into the most amazing Barre class ever - Hot Barre Blast! By learning to teach Hot Barre Blast you'll be trained to offer a full body workout that challenges the mind, body, and soul in an intense, encouraging, and creative way!


Monday, August 26, 6pm-9pm

Monday, September 9, 6pm-9pm

Saturday, September 21, 1pm-6pm

Sunday, September 22, 1pm-4pm


Anyone who has taken a minimum of 25 Barre classes can participate in this course regardless of your background. Individuals who have prior experience with dance, Pilates, yoga, or group fitness instruction will find it easier to comprehend and master the information, but our training is designed so that everyone has the tools for success if they devote the time to practicing!

Even if you don't want to teach Barre, this is a great course to learn how to perfect your technique.


  • Proper body alignment in all exercises

  • How to set up, modify, and amplify exercises

  • The importance of cueing, transitions, language, and music

  • How to motivate and encourage clients

  • Choreography and sample playlists

  • An opportunity to practice teach and get live feedback from a master Barre teacher


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  • Ability to motivate and inspire students while teaching an exceptional class focused on form

  • A passion and love for The Hot Yoga Barre experience

  • Accurate technique, excellent leadership, and professionalism inside and outside the studio

  • A practical knowledge of anatomy, movement, and exercise physiology

  • The ability to count music and choreograph classes

  • Training/experience in classical Ballet, Yoga, Pilates or other group exercise methodologies helps with mastery of the information 


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