Gretchen, Barre


Gretchen has a Finance degree from Virginia Tech and works for a large healthcare company in Richmond, but outside of the office she is as active as she can be. Growing up with a father who was a big runner, Gretchen started logging those miles in her 20s. However, with repeated overuse and lack of cross-training, she suffered an injury that slowed her running and left her looking for other activities to balance her exercise routines. Over the next few years, she tried numerous things, but nothing was as rewarding as her first barre class. She felt like it was the perfect compliment to her running that she had been searching for for so long. Her passion grew as she added barre into her weekly schedule and she saw significant improvements in her overall strength and well-being.  Gretchen enjoys teaching because she holds a strong passion for the benefits that barre offers. She enjoys presenting challenges to clients that push them to their highest potential.