Corey, Barre

Corey 2.JPG

Involved in sports and fitness activities since age 5, Corey learned early on the importance of smart and strong movement. Born and raised in the Tidewater area, she eventually made her way to RVA - finding a plethora of never-ending activities that allowed her to do something she loves best - move her body! But when she found barre classes, she knew she'd found her jam. After taking classes for a year, Corey was inspired to teach and completed training under the Core Barre method, where she learned the mechanics of barre that emphasized smart and strong movement to increase strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Since then, Corey has  taught barre at two studios in RVA, where she has enjoyed marryin her love for upbeat music, meeting new people, and sweating it out at the barre! In her off time, you can find her running down Monument ave, traveling to the sunny West Coast, dreaming about all things branding and social media, and eating her way through RVA. Corey says she's as happy as a bird with a french fry to be joining the Hot Yoga Barre!!