Charlotte | Anatomy, Yoga Teacher Training


Charlotte is HYB’s Anatomy Instructor for Yoga Teacher Training. Combining her background in the health and medical field with her extensive yoga experience she is able to offer our community an amazing learning experience about the anatomical structure of the human body. Charlotte’s training is a great blend of classical alignment principles with the movement of a powerful flow. 
Charlotte began her yoga practice with a private Iyengar teacher in 2008 and practiced Iyengar for several years before finding a passion for Vinyasa flow. She chose to become certified in the latter, but incorporates the Iyengar alignment training into her Vinyasa style classes. She likes to practice yoga that makes her sweat! She likes to flow, but also likes to pause and hold poses for longer periods of time. Her focus is on building a balance of strength and flexibility while changing things up and keeping things new and exciting. When she sweats through sun salutations or breathes in savasana, all she can think about it the present. Yoga gives her a sense of purpose without a sense of urgency, and makes her feel both calm and energized. It reminds her to be grateful for the body she lives inside every day. Yoga is the gift she gives herself – and it costs her nothing except a little commitment. Her greatest purpose is to give that gift to others.

Angie Hardison