Ashley | Barre


Growing up, Ashley's life revolved around dance (and the constant washing of leotards). After leaving her dance studio to attend college, she had to find her own fitness routine that worked for her. Ashley found that she loved to incorporate a variety of weight training and cardio exercises to feel her best physically and mentally. She fell in love with the energy and community of group fitness, and especially loved barre classes! After moving to RVA to pursue her PhD in Counseling Psychology, she discovered HYB and felt at home.

When she's not shaking at the barre, you can find her conducting research at VCU. She currently researches health behavior change and habit formation, and loves to utilize her knowledge of health science to inform her teaching at HYB! In her down time, you can also find her exploring the Richmond foodie scene and brushing up on her true crime knowledge.

Angie Hardison