Ann | BURN


Born and raised in Charlottesville, Ann moved to Richmond to study at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In 2017, while Ann was struggling with a back injury, she won a raffle for a free month at HYB. She believes that changed her life, as the rehabilitation benefits of yoga and barre with the heat slowly helped regain her strength, while also giving her the confidence to get back into her workout routine. 

Ann has always been inspired by the power of group fitness. She believes that the energy and vibe of each class can bring all kinds of people, no matter how different, together. She hopes that she can cultivate her love and passion for helping people feel their best in her classes at HYB. 

One of her dreams is to work out with Shaun T in one of his fitness videos. When Ann isn’t in the studio (or trying to meet Shaun T), she enjoys dreaming about owning a dog, boxing, dancing, running and exploring new fun foods to eat around Richmond.

Angie Hardison