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The Hot Yoga Barre brings you a soulful body-transforming experience that integrates mind and body, delivering an epic workout. You'll sweat like never before, burn a ton of calories, and feel deeply invigorated, energized and grounded. Our classes are accessible to everyone; from yoga newbies to more advanced practitioners. Whether you are looking for athletic conditioning, increased flexibility, stress reduction, weight loss, or a more mindful workout, this is the place for you. We're conveniently located in Richmond in the Willow Lawn Shopping Center.

But I'm not flexible!

No worries, that's what yoga (and the heat) are for! We'll easy you into a more limber version of yourself. You dont have to be Gumby to start practicing yoga.  Yoga and barre are for all fitness levels, any age and every body type. We value diversity and provide modifications if you're working with an injury!

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There are so many health benefits of practicing in clean heat:

  • While nothing changes overnight, keep an eye out: after your first class, you'll probably start sleeping better
  • You'll notice increased confidence and better posture all around
  • Weight loss isn't everything, but for many who are trying to lose weight through hot yoga, they do
  • Experience a more balanced outlook and mood. You'll seriously reduce your stress and anxiety levels with regular practice
  • Barre and yoga are easy on the joints, both support lean muscle mass and a healthy range of motion

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