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HYB’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is a dynamic and challenging journey that will give you the tools to transform your life and practice. Our training program is centered on learning the core principles of yoga and how to integrate them into daily life. On this journey students will learn the key attributes of what makes a great teacher and will be well versed in philosophy, anatomy, alignment, and assisting. Grounded in Power Yoga with influences from timeless yoga masters and traditions, this program is designed to immerse students in the Art of Teaching and transformation. 

Whether you want to take your practice to the next level or you want to teach 1000’s of people, this program is for you as it will give you the roots that you need to grow into whatever level you desire. Our program is designed for passionate people who want to become powerful teachers. Through this immersion in asana, meditation, and self-discovery you will learn to become more effective in every area of your life. This will be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your own personal power. 

During HYB’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program participants will teach every day of training, sometimes in small groups with peers and sometimes within the HYB community. In addition to providing the foundation and roots of yoga, we will also give you the opportunity to TEACH and assist in the studio with real clients- something missing from many teacher training programs.



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Course Requirements: 

  • 100% attendance at all training sessions. 

  • 100% completion of all homework and assignments. 

  • YTT is an intense commitment which requires approximately 100 hours of practice and study outside of weekend sessions. Attendees have a year from beginning of training to complete all requirements.

  • A commitment to show up fully with the intention to learn, grown, and explore.

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The goal of the Hot Yoga Barre Yoga Teacher Training is to create EXCEPTIONAL teachers who know:

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  • How to teach OFF THE MAT so that you teach to your students' bodies and not your own

  • How to teach a solid all-level Power Yoga Sequence from a grounded place of power, and purpose

  • How to present your class so it’s inspirational, engaging, and makes students want to come back

  • Techniques and tips for deepening your own practice

  • Important aspects of yoga history, philosophy, sanskrit, lifestyle, and ethics

  • Basic anatomy and physiology

  • Asana alignment, modifications, and sequencing

  • How to see alignment issues and provide effective & appropriate hands-on assists to students

  • How to give and receive feedback

  • The Business of Yoga

Results You Can Expect From The HYB Yoga Teacher Training

  • Deepening of your own personal yoga practice.

  • How to effectively lead and teach an all-levels Power Yoga class.

  • New relationships and bonds with an amazing group of people.

  • Transformational results.

  • How to offer powerful hands-on assists.

  • A better understanding of yoga philosophy and how to live yoga off your mat.

  • If you fully apply yourself you will be ready to teach upon program completion!

Meet The Yoga Teaching Faculty

Lead Instructor, Angie Hardison

Anatomy Instructor, Charlotte Poole

Plus many of our other talented staff will be leading modules and participating in coaching and development of YTT students.

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